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Kondensations Partikelzähler (CPC) TSI3007

Model 3007 Hand-held
Condensation Particle Counter
Our smallest CPC goes where bulky particle counters
might not go – or might not go easily.

The smallest member of TSI’s Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) family, the Model 3007 is a hand-held instrument for measuring ultrafine particles in mobile applications or remote locations.
This highly portable CPC offers:
• Battery-powered operation
• Programmable data-logging capabilities
• Particle size range of 0.01 to >1.0 micrometer
• Concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles per cubic centimeter
• Built-in LCD display
• RS-232 serial data port
All in a package that weighs only 3.8 pounds! Its small size and ergonomic design make it the best choice for short-term outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring, human epidemiological studies, and mobile aerosol research.

In general, laminar-flow CPCs operate by drawing an aerosol sample continuously through a heated saturator, in which alcohol is vaporized and diffuses into the sample stream. Together, the aerosol sample and alcohol vapor pass into a cooled condenser where the alcohol vapor becomes supersaturated and ready to condense. Particles present in the sample stream serve as condensation sites for the alcohol vapor. Once condensation begins, particles grow quickly into larger alcohol droplets and pass through an optical detector where they are counted easily.

TSI is proud to offer the most comprehensive offering of scientific CPCs available anywhere. Building on a tradition of more than 25 years experience, TSI CPCs have become the standard to which all others are compared. General applications for our CPCs include:
• Basic aerosol research
• Indoor air quality measurements
• Filter and air cleaner tests
• Particle shedding and component tests
• Atmospheric and climate studies
• Particle counter calibration
• Combustion and engine exhaust studies
• Inhalation exposure studies
• Particle formation and growth studies
• Health effects studies
• Environmental monitoring
• Nanotechnology research